Help 150 people self actualize by healing inner wounds, mending pain and recovering personal strength.

Value Proposition

I use my knowledge and skills to provide relief now in the present moment, thus allowing people to gain benefit from the resources I’ve acquired without them having to spend years studying and practicing.


People are suffering. Often times their misguided attempts to reach happiness land them into further suffering. The world is both the place but even more so, for communal human beings, the world is the people. Thus helping people find their personal way to find inner peace generates world peace.


When I was little, I’ve had a session with the neurologist, which a doctor who studies nerve system. I don’t remember the contents of the session, but I’ve realized that this one meeting changed the course of my entire life. As I’ve went through a number of transitions both geographical and developmental, I’ve faced a number of inner demons. My desire to heal myself and others inched me in the direction of understanding mind. Thus, I’ve acquired an undergraduate degree in psychology, extended training in hypnosis and a strong mindfulness practice. Seeing people grow, face their particular challenges through the power of the human connection makes my heart sing. Therefore, I do what I love, taking care of myself to take care of others through making a living by figuring out ways to positively impact as many people as possible.

Promise & Delivery Method

I promise to meet you wherever you are and do my best to take you wherever you want to go.